Hunting Geese, Ducks and Waterfowl

The picturesque region of Alberta in Canada is far more than what it appears at face value. While the views are spectacular, the opportunity for waterfowl, goose and duck hunting is priceless. The past time in Canada is one that is widely supported for entertainment, leisure and pure enjoyment of the sport. The landscapes and surroundings in Alberta offer a varied terrain which is monopolized by lakes, farmlands and intermittent sloughs which are ideal for migratory waterfowl, geese and ducks. Waterfowl, goose and duck hunting season is a relatively short one. The season customarily begins in early September and ends during the late stages of October. This period includes the Fall migration patterns of a number of varieties of geese in Canada.

Feathered targets take to the skies

Waterfowl are migratory birds which frequent the region because of the shelter it provides on their travels, as well as the ease with which they are able to feed on the food supply which is in abundance. Ducks and geese enjoy the area for similar reasons. Throughout Alberta, Canada there are specialists who provide guided waterfowl, goose and duck hunting expeditions for those who are eager to test their gun skills on a moving, feathered target. Guides are professional and trained with the expertise to make the experience for both novice and the more seasoned hunter, pleasant and memorable. Most outfits offer hunting over land and water, allowing the hunter to test their skills in different situations. Choosing to use a professional team on your waterfowl, goose, and duck hunting expedition will allow you the opportunity to benefit from top of the range equipment and to learn techniques from the best in their field. As with any sport, especially where guns are involved, safety is paramount in order for the hunting trip to be an all-around success.

Alberta, where hunting and luxury meet in the middle

The abundance of professional hunting outfits and guided expeditions offered in Alberta, Canada will leave you spoilt for choice. For most, the experience of the rugged outdoors is part and parcel of the activity. The part that is most surprising is the luxury offered by most service providers offering their expertise and knowledge to the hunter. The accommodation is top notch, luxurious and the perfect way to end a successful hunt. Take your pick from a number of well-known and exceptional destinations and make your waterfowl, goose and duck hunting occasion a momentous one. The aim of most of the guided hunt operators is to make sure that your experience will bring you back year after year. Many an avid bird hunter is borne from an expedition that offered an amazing first-time hunt. Alberta, Canada holds wonders that extend far beyond the beauty and serenity of the countryside.