Things to Do in Alberta, Canada Besides Hunting

Alberta, Canada is renowned for the beauty of its natural surroundings, held within the boundaries of the region. Lakes, swamps and farmlands dominate the countryside. The views and serenity leave those that behold them in awe. Hunting in the area is an activity that is widely practiced. Many locals and travelers spend a good part of the year hunting the larger deer and elk, or finding enjoyment, and entertainment value, in tracking and targeting, the waterfowl, geese and ducks, that use the region as a resting point on their migratory journeys. While these are all commonly known facts, Alberta has some tricks up its sleeve, if you care to delve a little deeper and embrace the thrill of exploration and discovery.

Take the Route Most Followed

Of course, Alberta has the usual sights and activities to offer. Museums, landmarks and natural wonders are bountiful. These are what tourists flock to when visiting the region. They provide entertainment value, as well as educational opportunities. This is the chance to learn about the history, culture and heritage in a mainstream environment. Some of the most popular attractions showcase the natural beauty of Canada, in a fashion that is deserved. Lake Minnewanka provides an opportunity for a boat excursion along the almost thirteen-mile stretch. The history of the lake is one that incorporates the Indigenous people of Canada. Wildlife abounds in the area along the shores of the lake. The Royal Tyrrell Museum is a must see, for those who crave history at its finest. The region of Drumheller, Alberta is renowned for its prime dinosaur activity millions of years ago. The museum focuses on that very fact and is home to a palaeontology department, that is devoted to finding and preserving fossils from the area.

Take the Road Less Traveled

Alberta, Canada is not all as it seems. The region holds many places that are a little out of the ordinary, and some that border on strange. These are the locations to seek out and explore. They keep secrets of towns once in existence and eras that have long since been forgotten. Banff Springs Hotel offers grandeur and luxury amid the breathtaking Rocky Mountains. The Canadian Badlands is home to many hoodoos. These formations have been created through the natural erosion of the land. The sheer monstrous size of the structures, which stand at a staggering 20 feet, is enough to leave you gaping in awe. Take a trip to view the Banff Merman in Banff, or take a light-hearted walk around the Gopher Hole Museum in Torrington. Who would not want to take a peek at a display of stuffed gophers in a variety of different scenarios? For those who have forgotten that Western Canada’s mountains were once thickly layered in a blanket of ice, the Columbia Icefield is a stark reminder.